86 intense shades, 5 highly blendable finishes, 12 hour wear*. Select your favorite Artist Color Shadow Refill shades to create your own customized palette. Available in 5 different finishes including... Read More


Diamond-104 Black Diamond|2d2a29| Diamond-104 Black Diamond
Diamond-206 Celestial Blue|5f97a8| Diamond-206 Celestial Blue
Diamond-222 Night Blue|3b506b| Diamond-222 Night Blue
Diamond-236 Lagoon Blue|026e72| Diamond-236 Lagoon Blue
Diamond-306 Bottle Green|4f5d40| Diamond-306 Bottle Green
Diamond-308 Aquatic Khaki|53524d| Diamond-308 Aquatic Khaki
Diamond-320 Golden Khaki|594b3b| Diamond-320 Golden Khaki
Diamond-326 Black Bronze|4f4138| Diamond-326 Black Bronze
Diamond-410 Gold Nugget|daaa74| Diamond-410 Gold Nugget
Diamond-504 Celestial Beige|dec2ab| Diamond-504 Celestial Beige
Diamond-552 Crystalline Gray Beige|bbaaa0| Diamond-552 Crystalline Gray Beige
Diamond-562 Taupe Platinum|9d8173| Diamond-562 Taupe Platinum
Diamond-652 Celestial Earth|6e4836| Diamond-652 Celestial Earth
Diamond-712 Crème Brûlée|a47965| Diamond-712 Crème Brûlée
Diamond-716 Crystalline Papaya|fddccd| Diamond-716 Crystalline Papaya
Diamond-826 Fig|7d324a| Diamond-826 Fig
Diamond-830 Black Rose|413132| Diamond-830 Black Rose
Diamond-926 Blueberry|3f416c| Diamond-926 Blueberry
Satin-324 Bronze Khaki|746444| Satin-324 Bronze Khaki
Satin-560 Taupe|98766a| Satin-560 Taupe
Satin-622 Black Brown|47372a| Satin-622 Black Brown
Satin-628 Reptile|625141| Satin-628 Reptile
Satin-632 Hazelnut|77544a| Satin-632 Hazelnut
Iridescent-102 Onyx|241f1c| Iridescent-102 Onyx
Iridescent-210 Light Turquoise|91afc1| Iridescent-210 Light Turquoise
Iridescent-220 Sapphire|004372| Iridescent-220 Sapphire
Iridescent-328 Bronze|6d5a32| Iridescent-328 Bronze
Iridescent-414 Yellow Ivory|f8e6ca| Iridescent-414 Yellow Ivory
Iridescent-514 Pink Ivory|dac2a9| Iridescent-514 Pink Ivory
Iridescent-520 Pinky Sand|d5b29c| Iridescent-520 Pinky Sand
Iridescent-524 Pinky Beige|d3aea4| Iridescent-524 Pinky Beige
Iridescent-528 Pearl|f0dbc6| Iridescent-528 Pearl
Iridescent-538 Pearly Gray Beige|ae8d7e| Iridescent-538 Pearly Gray Beige
Iridescent-544 Pink Granite|8e7066| Iridescent-544 Pink Granite
Iridescent-648 Golden Fawn|ad8164| Iridescent-648 Golden Fawn
Iridescent-662 Amber Brown|906546| Iridescent-662 Amber Brown
Iridescent-834 Grape|773754| Iridescent-834 Grape
Iridescent-918 Lavender|8d78af| Iridescent-918 Lavender
Matte-100 Black|29252c| Matte-100 Black
Matte-106 Slate|5c5659| Matte-106 Slate
Matte-126 Chalk|faf9f7| Matte-126 Chalk
Matte-226 Abyssal Blue|324357| Matte-226 Abyssal Blue
Matte-240 Prussian Blue|415556| Matte-240 Prussian Blue
Matte-405 Straw Yellow|f3d99c| Matte-405 Straw Yellow
Matte-500 Ivory|f6e5d3| Matte-500 Ivory
Matte-518 Nude|d7bbad| Matte-518 Nude
Matte-530 Eggshell|f7e6de| Matte-530 Eggshell
Matte-532 Sugar Coated Candy|eacdbf| Matte-532 Sugar Coated Candy
Matte-536 Milk Tea|bfa994| Matte-536 Milk Tea
Matte-540 Gray Beige|b09d8f| Matte-540 Gray Beige
Matte-549 Dark Taupe|998378| Matte-549 Dark Taupe
Matte-619 Espresso|6d5a53| Matte-619 Espresso
Matte-631 Cappuccino|886756| Matte-631 Cappuccino
Matte-806 Antique Pink|cb8899| Matte-806 Antique Pink
Matte-820 Dark Purple Pink|995165| Matte-820 Dark Purple Pink
Matte-842 Wine|84576b| Matte-842 Wine
Matte-928 Eggplant|6c4a5e| Matte-928 Eggplant
Metallic-108 Steel|666970| Metallic-108 Steel
Metallic-116 Silver|a0a4a7| Metallic-116 Silver
Metallic-122 Snow|f4f0e5| Metallic-122 Snow
Metallic-202 Iceberg Blue|a7babe| Metallic-202 Iceberg Blue
Metallic-216 Electric Blue|325483| Metallic-216 Electric Blue
Metallic-224 Navy Blue|27364d| Metallic-224 Navy Blue
Metallic-230 Peacock Blue|295364| Metallic-230 Peacock Blue
Metallic-232 Turquoise Blue|1390a6| Metallic-232 Turquoise Blue
Metallic-302 Peacock|41675b| Metallic-302 Peacock
Metallic-304 Emerald|0a5e40| Metallic-304 Emerald
Metallic-310 Fir Tree Green|3a4b38| Metallic-310 Fir Tree Green
Metallic-338 Acidic Green|8fa744| Metallic-338 Acidic Green
Metallic-400 Buttercup|fbd516| Metallic-400 Buttercup
Metallic-512 Golden Beige|d2a88b| Metallic-512 Golden Beige
Metallic-554 Gunmetal|aa9995| Metallic-554 Gunmetal
Metallic-612 Silver Brown|886355| Metallic-612 Silver Brown
Metallic-614 Graphite Brown|4b382e| Metallic-614 Graphite Brown
Metallic-624 Black Gold|342a20| Metallic-624 Black Gold
Metallic-654 Cauldron|654230| Metallic-654 Cauldron
Metallic-828 Garnet Black|523537| Metallic-828 Garnet Black
Metallic-840 Pink Chrome|7e5e6d| Metallic-840 Pink Chrome
Metallic-912 Orchid|7e3875| Metallic-912 Orchid
Satin-228 Petrol Blue|1a3a39| Satin-228 Petrol Blue
Satin-238 Blue Cedar|305e5f| Satin-238 Blue Cedar
Satin-300 Pine Green|365353| Satin-300 Pine Green
Satin-312 Mint Green|229255| Satin-312 Mint Green
Satin-314 Nile Green|a1cdac| Satin-314 Nile Green
Satin-542 Pinky Clay|aa9d8a| Satin-542 Pinky Clay
Satin-616 Chocolate|533b2f| Satin-616 Chocolate

86 intense shades, 5 highly blendable finishes, 12 hour wear*. Select your favorite Artist Color Shadow Refill shades to create your own customized palette. Available in 5 different finishes including Matte, Metallic, Diamond, Satin and Iridescent.

Our ARTIST COLOR PALETTES come in 5 sizes:
Artist Color Refill Palette - XS to contain 1 refill of Artist Color Shadow
Artist Color Refill Palette - S to contain 2 refills of Artist Color Shadow or 1 Artist Face Color refill
Artist Color Refill Palette - M to contain 3 refills of Artist Color Shadow or mixing 1 Artist Color Shadow with 1 Artist Face Color refill
Artist Color Refill Palette - L to contain 4 refills of Artist Color Shadow or mixing 2 Artist Color Shadow with 1 Artist Face Color refill or 2 Artist Face Color refills
Artist Color Refill Palette - XL to contain 6 refills of Artist Color Shadow or mixing 2 Artist Color Shadow with 2 Artist Face Color refills or mixing 4 Artist Color Shadow with 1 Artist Face Color refill

Thanks to an upgraded fabrication system, their textures offer high blendability and an immediate payoff that lasts up to 12 hours**. Express yourself with Artist Color Shadow Refill and create your color mix. * Instrumental test method performed on 20 women. ** Instrumental test method performed on 20 women.

Use Brush #226 to apply your shade and Brush #216 to seamlessly blend it. Draw lines with high precision thanks to Brush #172.

Apply STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER as a base to prepare the skin texture, enhance color impact and guarantee even better wear***. *** 24 hours on eyelids. Instrumental test on 21 women.